Reminder: Brazil to implement ballast rules 30 Dec 2006

The Brazilian Authorities have issued a reminder to shipping interests that its delayed implementation of the approved ballast water management plan requirements will go ahead on 30 December 2006.


From 30 December, all ships visiting Brazilian ports will be required to have on board an approved ballast water management plan. Approval for the plan is to be given by either the flag administration, the classification society acting as a recognised organisation or by the ship’s classification society. Failure to provide such a plan could incur a fine.


The reminder comes after an extended delay in implementation following a combined effort by the shipping industry associations to highlight the difficulties in gaining approval for the ballast water management plans. Full details of the Brazilian ballast water requirements are available on the INTERTANKO website along with other national and regional ballast water requirements (click here to view).


Contact: Tim Wilkins