Technical problems when delivering waste to reception facilities

INTERTANKO is seeking feedback from its members relating to technical problems which have been experienced when discharging waste to port reception facilities.


As part of both the IMO's Action Plan on port waste reception facilities and the Industry Reception Facility Forum activity, INTERTANKO is requesting input on cases when discharging waste to reception facilities has been hampered or prevented due to technical and practical matters. It is stressed that waste discharge relates to all waste types, from oily waste to garbage.


Cases already notified include problems relating to the standard discharge connections, as per regulation 13 of MARPOL Annex I, inadequate pumping arrangements at the shore side for the discharge of oily waste and also the lack of adequate segregation and recycling options at the terminal or berth to accept segregated garbage.


INTERTANKO feels that clarification of the problems being encountered will enable the IMO to consider in practical terms how to resolve many of the situations when such technical problems prevent the discharge of waste ashore. While previously the IMO has focused on the reporting of alleged inadequate facilities, the positive activity associated with this type of work tackles the practical and operational problems, which is a step forward in terms of addressing inadequate reception facilities around the world.


Please forward your experiences and comments to Tim Wilkins.


Contact: Tim Wilkins