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INTERTANKO’s Gas Tanker Committee (GTC), is an another milestone in the Association’s continuing development and supporting its wider Membership. GTC is geared up to provide operational support and advice on various gas-related issues in real time to its Members.

In addition to this GTC will also provide support on commercial issues affecting all aspects of gas tanker operations and chartering. This new Committee has significant potential to help set standards and share best practice to support LNG and LPG shipping.

Like the other INTERTANKO Committees, the GTC will host Gas Tanker Forums throughout the year.

These Forums will bring together gas tanker owners and operators and other stakeholders to identify and discuss the big issues of the day for gas tanker owners including, among other things, commercial/legal (markets, terminal liability issues), and operational/technical (blending, TAMI testing, cargo containment systems).

The GTC has also just released the INTERTANKO guide to Blending/Commingling of LPG Cargoes On Board Gas Carriers, which can be downloaded here. 

Contact: Anup Singh

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