Best practice guidance on internet access for crew on board ships

Increasing numbers of ship owners are realising the importance of providing internet access to crews, with access on board ships now widely regarded as a key component in the attraction of new entrants to the profession. Such provision also helps with the retention of existing staff.

INTERTANKO’s Human Element in Shipping Committee (HEiSC), which is chaired by John Adams of Teekay, has created a best practice guide to assist Members who may be considering installing a shipboard internet system for crew use.

Internet-equipped vessels are now commonplace in today's world of shipping thanks to continuously developing technology, which has made shipboard internet an affordable option for many companies.

The feeling is that the modern generation of seafarer is accustomed to a world which is always connected, and where internet access and the use of social networking sites are a major part of everyday life. The prospect of not being able to readily communicate with the outside world has become highly unappealing to the vast majority of today’s seafarers. For these reasons, if managed correctly, shipboard internet can have many benefits, both from a commercial and crew welfare perspective. 

This best practice guide is designed to provide practical considerations which ship owners may wish to take into account when considering the installation of a shipboard internet system, and making it available to the crew. 

The guide should not be considered exhaustive – the information contained within should be considered as a brief overview only – covering the following topics:

  1. Other means of communication available to crew
  2. Advantages to crew of having internet on board ship
  3. Possible disadvantages of allowing internet access to crew
  4. Control of usage
  5. Other considerations
  6. Future developments

Click here to view the best practice guide. 

Contact: Peter Kelly