Fatigue under the spotlight as Project Horizon draws to a close

Project Horizon concluded this week at the MCA-run Human Element Advisory Group (HEAG) 15 meeting held at Warsash Maritime Academy. The focus of the meeting was on the serious issue of fatigue and was well attended by delegates from across the Industry.

Project Horizon is a major, multi-partner European research study which brought together 11 academic institutions and shipping organisations. A summary of the research project has now been published and can be found here.

The project provides a scientific support to our present understanding of fatigue and looks at how we can better manage our working environment with the aim of minimising risks from fatigue. Research is planned to further develop a fatigue management toolkit and will also look at how fatigue affects performance.

HEAG 15 opened with a summary of earlier work carried out by Cardiff University and an interesting video was shown entitled Seafarers Fatigue Film, which includes commentary from key Industry figures. You can access the film via www.seafarersfatigue.com

Further information on the work of HEAG can be found on the MCA website.

Fatigue can be a serious health and safety issue, both personally and in decision-making processes. IMO produced MSC/Circ.1014 back in 2001 and the information is still relevant. The industry can learn from best practice, and INTERTANKO welcomes examples of what works well, or even doesn’t, and any suggestions that might help lead a process of continuous improvement within our industry.

Contact: John Boreman