INTERTANKOs Lifeboat Working Group is a working group within INTERTANKO’s Safety, Technical and Environmental Committee.

Its aim is to improve the design, construction, maintenance and operation of lifeboats, davits and associated equipment, to help owners/masters to have more leeway in dealing with these issues, and to regain crews’ confidence in these systems. Ongoing regulatory changes aim to give more freedom to owners to establish on-board safety systems, and to give the master the option to make his own risk assessment during routine drills. Manufacturers will be required to improve the follow-up and maintenance of their product. Training requirements will also be reviewed. 

Members are encouraged to continue sharing their experiences in order to safeguard human lives during drills through:
  • lifeboat accident reports
  • suggestions for improvements
  • encouraging the installation of homogenous lifeboat systems on newbuildings
  • sharing ideas for a new area of life saving appliances
  • any other issues of interest related to lifeboat or related systems

Material of this kind may be sent to the Secretary,


Information that is of interest to the tanker industry as a whole will be published with the permission of the provider. INTERTANKO will remove any references to the company name and/or other type of identification, unless otherwise instructed.

INTERTANKO’s Lifeboat Working Group (LWG) is presently represented by:

  • Capt. Prabhat Sharma, PetroPuma (WG Chairman)
  • Mr. Dimitrios Kosmas, Enitank
  • Capt. Anuj Bhargava, AngloEastern
  • Mr. Jeffrey Wilson, OSG
  • Mr. Francois Thomas, INTERCARGO
  • Mr. Ian Harrison, INTERCARGO
  • Mr. Bjarne Thygesen, Consultant
  • Capt. Sotiris Shinas, Euronav
  • Capt. Nigel Adams, V.Ships
  • Capt. Howard Snaith, INTERTANKO
  • Mr. Henrik Von Platen, ISTEC Chairman
  • Mr. Paul Watkins, Survival Craft Inspectorate Ltd.
  • Mr. Dean Pelley, Mad Rock Marine Solutions, Inc.

Secretary for the Lifeboat Working Group: Mr. Colin Jappy, INTERTANKO

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