INTERTANKO screening advice prior to ship-to-ship (STS) operations

From time to time, a charterer re-lets a vessel to a sub-charterer who, in turn, has the right to designate the vessel for ship-to-ship transfers. The head charterer may as a result request from the head owner a screening of the prospective STS vessel for suitability for STS transfer.


How should such a screening be undertaken? The Vetting Committee reviewed this question and offers the following advice:


  • Seek confirmation that the STS vessel has P&I cover in place via a recognised P&I Club.
  • Check that the vessel is in class with a recognised classification society (this can be checked through EQUASIS:
  • Request a completed Questionnaire 88 form.
  • Request the date of latest SIRE inspection report.
  • Check the vessel's historical Port State Control (PSC) records (also through EQUASIS).
  • Request confirmation that suitable security arrangements are in place on the STS vessel and the ship has an approved security plan onboard.
  • Ensure that a risk assessment has been undertaken prior to each occasion on which a vessel is used.


Contact: Howard Snaith