Danish Pilotage User Group – Update

As you may recall, INTERTANKO together with its industry partners and the Danish Maritime Authority, has established a Pilot User Group to find ways of further enhancing the safety of navigation through the entrances to the Baltic Sea. This would be accomplished by an open transparent dialogue between pilotage service providers and users, in order to ensure optimal pilotage services in general and to encourage the use of pilots for ships navigating through the entrances to the Baltic Sea.


Last week the members of the Danish Pilotage User Group met in Copenhagen to discuss recent developments in the Danish Pilotage Act and statistics.


Last year the Danish Government reviewed its Pilotage Act and approved an amended act, enabling private ventures to offer pilotage to and from Danish ports. However, transits through Danish waters are still under full governmental control and responsibility.


Furthermore, recent hydrographical surveys have shown that the depth has decreased due to sand migration from 17 metres to 16.5 metres. The IMO MSC. Resolution 138, which recommends vessels with a draught of 11 metres or more take a pilot, will be amended from 1 May 2008 to state that the maximum safe draught is 16.5 metres.


According to the latest statistics, 98.3% of all tankers that transited  between January - December 2007 with a draught of 11 metres or more did follow the recommendation to take a pilot. Members are reminded that the INTERTANKO Council has endorsed this recommendation and it is now a part of the INTERTANKO Best Practises. Also INTERTANKO has produced time/voyage charter clauses to be used in this regard.

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Contact: Fredrik Larsson