Disposal of out-of-date pyrotechnics

INTERTANKO has recently been approached by members asking where they can dispose of out-of-date pyrotechnics.


We would therefore like to recommend the following alternatives:


·         Return them to the supplier, directly or via the local representative.


·         Request a life raft service station to accept any of the ship's out-of-date pyrotechnics when life rafts are being sent ashore for servicing. Many life raft service stations deal with the disposal of the expired pyrotechnics on a regular basis and have arrangements locally to do this.


·         Contact the local Coastguard or Police who may be able to arrange disposal through a military establishment.


If your pyrotechnics cannot be sent ashore immediately, then they should be kept onboard (clearly marked as out-of-date) until they can be landed ashore. Upon disposal ashore it is important to obtain a receipt/certificate which states that the pyrotechnic has been landed ashore for safe destruction.


Any firing of distress signals in any situation other than distress is an offence. Expired pyrotechnics should never be used at sea for testing or practice purposes or used on land as fireworks. The chemicals may have deteriorated and cause an unpredictable reaction upon ignition. They should be landed ashore as soon as possible after their date of expiry.

Source: UK MCA 

Contact: Fredrik Larsson