INTERTANKO and the International Maritime Pilots' Association (IMPA) initiate Discussion Group

The Chairman of the INTERTANKO Safety, Technical and Environmental Committee's (ISTEC) Pilotage Working Group, Capt Nigel Adams of V.Ships, together with Joe Angelo and Fredrik Larsson from the INTERTANKO Secretariat, met the International Maritime Pilots' Association's (IMPA) President Capt Michael R. Watson, its Secretary General Nick Cutmore, and its Executive Director/General Counsel Paul G. Kirchner, to discuss issues relevant to both organisations.


The successful formation of this Discussion Group is an important step towards a better understanding between these two organisations, and in particular of their respective goals and objectives, some of which they share.


Amongst others things, the discussions addressed bridge resource management, pilot and master/bridge crew interaction, IMO Resolution A.960, safe boarding arrangements for pilots and E-navigation. Areas were identified where there would be grounds for further cooperation between the two associations.


Both associations agreed that the meeting was useful and they undertook to hold another Discussion Group meeting later this year.


Contact: Fredrik Larsson or Joe Angelo