INTERTANKO attends Aviation Crew Management Conference in Brussels

As members are aware, INTERTANKO's Council established a new committee in 2006, the Human Element in Shipping Committee (HEiSC), in recognition of the crucial importance of this element to the tanker industry and to all aspects of the Association's technical and operational work.


In addition to considering means of attracting to the profession, training and retaining seafarers, this group will examine i.a. the interaction of the human element with aspects of ship design and operation, and the development of enhanced compliance cultures.


Recognising that other industries have experienced, or are currently experiencing, the manpower problems the tanker shipping industry is currently facing, INTERTANKO's Marine Manager, Fredrik Larsson this week attended a conference on crew management aimed at the aviation industry. INTERTANKO attended the conference in order to gain a better understanding of how the aviation industry responds to these challenges, and to explore if any of the lessons learned could be equally applied to the shipping industry.


The conference programme included several issues which have similarities to those now being experienced in the shipping industry, such as:


  • lack of qualified personnel
  • poaching
  • fatigue management
  • how to motivate pilots to operate safely
  • criminalisation of pilots
  • crew resource management


By attending the seminar INTERTANKO gained useful information, which will be further evaluated and disseminated for the benefit of INTERTANKO's members.


Contact: Fredrik Larsson