INTERTANKO cadet berth availability survey closing date 31st of March

INTERTANKO is undertaking various initiatives to try and increase the supply of competent manpower within the industry as a priority item.


Prompted by concern in the industry regarding the reduction in the number of young officers going to sea, INTERTANKO's Human Element in Shipping Committee (HEiSC) has been tasked, i.a., with promoting a career at sea among the younger generations.

A key element is staff supply and the shortage of seafarers generally, but a further important aspect is the difficulty of securing cabin space onboard ships for cadets.


INTERTANKO’s Council agreed at its meeting in November 2006 that,

 "In an effort to increase the number of qualified competent officers at sea and to safeguard the tanker industry of the future, INTERTANKO members agreed to consider that, as part of a planned programme for officer training, they will commit to enlisting Apprentice Officers (Cadets), for each vessel operated, where suitable certified cabin space exists onboard the vessel to accommodate them, and where it is possible to acquire young capable Apprentice Officers of a suitably qualified nature.

"In addition, recognising the trend in today's practice of restrictions in accommodation by shipyards, INTERTANKO members further agree to consider that newbuildings should include suitable certified cabin space for cadets as part of any newbuilding specification. Further that INTERTANKO will (in parallel) endeavour to ensure that the Tripartite Forum (owners, shipbuilders and class) will include cadet berth availability in their work programme, with the aim that classification societies make cadet berths a mandatory requirement in standard ship design."


We therefore seek your assistance by responding not later than 31st of March to a confidential survey to determine the present situation of cadet berth availability among INTERTANKO’s members


INTERTANKO's Cadet Berth Availability Survey is constructed in such a way as to make the questions quick and easy to answer. In order to be able to assess the information correctly, we need to be provided with the source of information (i.e. your company name). This will remain strictly confidential and will under no circumstances be used for other purposes than to compile the information into statistically correct data. 


 Contact: Howard Snaith and Fredrik Larsson