INTERTANKO launches "Lifeboat User Group" with ILAMA (International Life-Saving Appliance Manufacturers Association)

INTERTANKO and INTERCARGO have this week agreed with ILAMA (International Life-Saving Appliance Manufacturers Association) to establish a joint feedback-forum where end-users (crews) of lifeboats and other LSA equipment can provide their comments, thoughts, input or feedback to the manufacturers of such equipment.


It should be emphasised that the aim of the forum is to produce progressive feedback and input to the manufacturers so that they can improve their equipment accordingly and as appropriate. It would therefore be useful if feedback could be as detailed as possible to facilitate identification of the manufacturer.


The manufacturers' greatest problem is the lack of feedback from end-users. End-users are encouraged to use this "forum" in order to provide feedback, comments and suggestions on how to improve and enhance the equipment in order to minimise accidents, enhance safety and improve ergonomic design.


INTERTANKO asks all its members to inform their crews of this possibility, and to provide feedback and input to this forum, by using the following email address:


INTERTANKO guarantees that the information will be handled strictly confidentially, and that the sender’s origin will under no circumstances be revealed. INTERTANKO will collect and assess the feedback and provide the information to ILAMA for further distribution to the appropriate recipients.


Contact: Fredrik Larsson