Lost Time Indicator Benchmarking System going strong - non-participants encouraged to join

Since its launch at the end of October 2007, the Lost Time Indicator (LTI) Benchmarking System currently consists of 64 data entries of INTERTANKO member companies, and a further 46 entries of users who have received access to the system in order to participate.


The system enables members to compare their Lost Time Injury Frequency (LTIF) as well as Total Recordable Case Frequency (TRCF), which have been described by the Oil Companies' International Marine Forum (OCIMF) in its Marine Injury Reporting Guidelines.


Once a member enters its data, the LTIF and TRCF are calculated, sorted from low to high, and two bar graphs are generated. The averages of the pool are depicted with a dotted line.


This way of displaying the results enables members not only to know whether they are above or below average (dotted lines), but also to know their position vis-à-vis other members in the pool (i.e. ranking). A sample plot can be seen in the Figure below.


Lost Time Injury Frequency (LTIF)

Total Recordable Case Frequency (TRCF) 


An LTIF value below the pool average, indicating fewer Fatalities, Permanent Total Disabilities, Permanent Partial Disabilities and Lost Workday Cases, relative to the fleet personnel’s exposure hours, can be considered as a “better” performance.


A short review of the LTIF/TRCF pool averages can be seen in Table 1. Please note that actual values of averages and individual company performance are only available for contributing participants.


It can be observed that 61% of the pool participants have a better performance compared to other participants. Furthermore, 90% of these participants had a consistently good performance with also a below pool average TRCF. The others (10%) that did not manage to perform better with TRCF than the pool seemed to be having to deal with a substantial number of lost workday cases and restricted work cases.


Table 1 LTIF/TRCF Pool Averages as per 5 June 2008



# entries with




> Pool Average

 25 (39%)

 20 (31%)

16 of the 25 also have an LTIF > Pool Average


< Pool Average

 39 (61%)

 44 (69%)

35 of the 39 have an LTIF < Pool Average


Notes: LTI = ∑ (Fatalities, Permanent Total Disabilities, Permanent Partial Disabilities, Lost Workday Cases); TRC = LTI + lost workday cases + restricted work cases


We would like to encourage all our members who have not already done so to join the LTIF pool.


To participate in the Lost Time Indicator (LTI) Benchmarking System, a username and password (separate from the INTERTANKO Website access details) are required, which can be obtained from chantal@intertanko.com.


The Tanker Management and Self-Assessment (TMSA) Benchmarking System can be found here.


Contact: Howard Snaith  or  Chantal Cheung Tam He