MARPOL Annex II, 3000m3 cargo tank filling restrictions - update by Bahamas Maritime Authority

Further to our articles in Weekly NEWS No. 1/2007 of 5 January 2007 and Weekly NEWS No. 5/2007 of 2 February 2007, the Bahamas Maritime Authority (BMA) has issued Official Bulletin No. 90, dated 27 February 2007, regarding the BMA's view relating to the carriage requirements of footnote "k" vegetable oils in IMO ship Type 2 and 3 vessels.


The BMA Bulletin states:


"....Ship type 2 meets all the requirements for ship type 3 and also the cargo tank protection described in MARPOL Annex II / The Bahamas has no requirements over and above those set out in the MARPOL Annex II / 4.1.3. Therefore the exemption clause applies equally to those ships. The Bahamas imposes no limit on quantity to be carried in any cargo tank, regardless of ship type....." [The BMA advises that its Bulletin is to be read in conjunction with IMO Resolution MEPC148(54).]


INTERTANKO is continuing to write to various governments expressing its views on this issue, and we anticipate that the matter will be reviewed in full at the forthcoming IMO meeting of the Marine Environmental Pollution Committee (MEPC) to be held during the week 9 - 13 July 2007.


The full BMA information bulletin may be accessed via its web site at the following link:


Contact: Howard Snaith