MARPOL Annex II revisions – 3000 m3 interpretations

As many may be aware, there are potential difficulties with some port states regarding the 3000 m3 cargo tank filling restrictions in the revisions to MARPOL Annex II that came into force on 1 January 2007 in conjunction with the 4.1.3 exemption.


We understand that several port states may detain IMO ship Type 2 ships if they are loaded with a footnote "k" vegetable oil, and if the quantity in any one cargo tank exceeds 3000 m3, even if that vessel has legitimately acquired a filling restriction exemption from its own administration.


As a consequence we have written to Singapore (click here to view), The Netherlands (click here) and the United Kingdom (click here) explaining the background, and what is currently occurring within our membership to ensure the vessels are loaded in a safe and efficient manner.


We strongly recommend that recipients read the attached letters as this will ensure you are fully up to date. We will of course keep members fully advised when we receive replies and/or matters develop further.


(This information was circulated within INTERTANKO on the 22 December 2006 as an INTERTANKO Chemical Bulletin.) 

Contact: Howard Snaith