MSC 82 - New work programme items

Firstly, it should be understood that with regard to correct IMO process and protocol, in order for a new work programme item to be accepted within the IMO as a work item, it must first satisfy clear, strict requirements as contained within Paragraph 2.18 of the Guidelines on the organisation. The method of work requires that submissions by Member Governments, intergovernmental organisations or non-governmental organisations co-sponsored by a Member Government, containing proposals for the inclusion of new work programme items, as referred to in paragraph 2.10 of the Guidelines, should - taking into account the criteria for general acceptance set out in paragraph 2.9 and priority setting provided in paragraphs 2.11 to 2.13 of the Guidelines - be prepared in accordance with the format set out in paragraph 2.20 of the Guidelines. Where the information thus required cannot be provided, the reasons should be clearly explained.


When reviewing new work programme items, an evaluation should be made to ensure that the following areas are covered:


·          Compelling need;

·          Whether within the IMO's scope;

·          Any industry standards;

·          Benefit from the proposal;

·          A qualified justification and the implications;

·          Achievability;

·          Priority for the work.


At the time of considering the new work programme item there should not be a technical discussion on the merits - the technical discussions will come later if the proposal is accepted onto the work programme of IMO.


The following are new work items that will be discussed by IMO and which are of interest to members:


Collision Regulations for Pleasure Craft


MSC 82/21/4 - A proposal by Italy for a new work programme item to amend the Convention on the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGs), 1972, to establish the priority of commercial ships over those vessels exclusively used for recreational purposes, aimed at reducing the number of collisions.


INTERTANKO has great concerns regarding the practicalities of this proposal and also believes it will increase the number of collisions rather than reduce them. We have offered our support to the International Sailing Federation (ISF) )  (which also expressed concerns) and we will be working with our industry partners accordingly.


Contact: Fredrik Larsson


Inert gas and SOLAS


MSC 82/21/15 by Norway requests a review of SOLAS regulation II-2/4.5.5 and its associated regulations in SOLAS and other IMO instruments on precautionary measures against fires and explosions when handling and transporting low flash point chemicals and petroleum products, with the aim of developing user-friendly regulations on precautionary measures against explosions and fires for new and existing tankers regardless of size.


Although this was supported by INTERTANKO, MSC 82 could not agree that this should be a new work programme item but agreed that the document by Norway would be sent to the appropriate IMO Sub-committee for review and consideration.


Click here to view the INTERTANKO position. 

Contact: Howard Snaith