Mandatory company and registered owner identification number

In May 2005, the IMO adopted a new SOLAS regulation XI-1/3-1 Company and registered owner identification number and amendments to regulation XI-1/5 on the mandatory company and registered owner identification number, with entry into force expected to be on 1 January 2009.


INTERTANKO recommends its members to aim to achieve early compliance with this requirement. This will include amending the Document of Compliance, Safety Management Certificate and International Ship Security Certificate forms.


Regulation XI-1/3-1 states that "every Company and registered owner shall be provided with an identification number which conforms to the IMO Unique Company and Registered Owner Identification Number Scheme adopted by the Organization". The Scheme was introduced in 2004 through the adoption of Resolution MSC.160(78), as a measure to enhance maritime safety, security and environmental protection, and to facilitate the prevention of maritime fraud. The Scheme adopted the then existing Lloyd's Register-Fairplay Company Numbering system. The purpose of the Scheme is to assign a permanent number for identification purposes to each company and registered owner managing ships of 100GT and above engaged on international voyages. Flag Administrations may also involve in the Scheme ships not engaged on international voyages.


Lloyd's Register-Fairplay (LR-F) is the originating source for the IMO Company and Registered Owner Numbers and is the sole authority with responsibility for assigning and validating these numbers. The numbers are issued from the global maritime databases maintained by LR-F and consists of a unique seven digit number. LR-F manages this Scheme on behalf of the IMO.


The Scheme becomes mandatory for SOLAS vessels on 1 January 2009 through the adoption of Resolution MSC.194(80) of the proposed new SOLAS regulation XI-1/3-1 on the company and registered owner identification number, and draft amendments to SOLAS regulation XI-1/5 on the adding of the numbers to the continuous synopsis record (CSR). The Number for Companies will also be added to ISM and ISPS Code certificates following adoption of resolutions MSC.195(80) and MSC.196(80), respectively.


One number is issued to a company if it fulfils one or both of the following roles:


"Company" has the same meaning as in SOLAS regulation IX/1 (the DOC Company) and is the organisation on the DOC, SMC or ISPS certificate.

"Registered Owner" is the owner specified on the ships certificate of registry issued by an Administration.


The number stays the same when a company changes its name, or if its ships are transferred to another flag. When companies merge, LR-F will assign the number of the larger company to the new amalgamated entity, while the number of the small entity will be frozen and not re-used. The number remains unchanged, but unused, in the event that a company and/or registered owner sells, or otherwise disposes, of its ship(s) and does not begin operating new ship(s). The number will remain unchanged in the event the company and/or registered owner, after having sold or otherwise disposed of its ships, renews ship management at a future date. LR-F maintains a history of companies and registered owners of ships on its database.


The numbers may be obtained free of charge from the Lloyd’s Register Fairplay web site by completing one of the request forms found there. If a company’s details have changed, or the details need to be corrected in the database, the changes can be updated using the forms found on the web site. The LR-F database is in the English language and forms must be completed in English.


Contact: Fredrik Larsson