Marine Electronic Highway steering committee starts work

Last week INTERTANKO attended the first steering committee meeting of the Marine Electronic Highway (MEH) Demonstration Project in Batam Island, Indonesia.


This project is being undertaken by the three littoral states surrounding the Malacca and Singapore Straits, is partly funded by the World Bank, and aims to enhance the safety of navigation and the protection of the environment in the Straits.


INTERTANKO has been involved in the project since its inception, encouraging the littoral states to cooperate and to develop suitable measures to meet the objectives of the project.


This steering committee meeting discussed and agreed on a contract for a hydrographic survey to be carried out in the TSS (Traffic Separation Scheme). It is also anticipated that the project will develop additional layers to be used in the Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS), providing both dynamic and static data such as currents, tides, weather, marine protected areas, movements of marine mammals etc. to be used by mariners when navigating in the Straits.


INTERTANKO considers this hydrographic survey to be of utmost importance for the safety of navigation and welcomes the progress of this meeting.


INTERTANKO has committed to ask its members to provide a minimum of 60 vessels equipped with ECDIS and Internet connectivity for the testing phase of the project, which is planned take place in 2009.  


Contact: Fredrik Larsson