New IMO publications include revised IBC Code

During the month of January 2007 the IMO will be publishing many new titles which are shown in the IMO web site under "New Titles". 


However, the new IBC Code, 2007 Edition (IC100E), covering the updated revised IBC Code, will not be available for sale until February 2007.


The IMO advises that the French and Spanish versions of IMDG Code, 2006 Edition (IF200F/IF200S) and the IMDG Code Supplement (IF210F/IF210S) will also be available in February 2007.


In addition please note that as the revised texts of MARPOL Annexes I and II came into force on 1 January 2007, as a result of all the new editions published, the following publications are now obsolete:


·         IE210E: IMDG Code Supplement, 2004 Edition

·         IA223E: IMO Dangerous Goods: Wall Chart, 2001

·         I462E: SUA Convention, 1988 Edition

·         I508E: Surveys under Annex II, MARPOL 73/78

·         IB520E: MARPOL, Consolidated edition 2002

·         IB521F: MARPOL, French Consolidated edition 2002

·         IB522S: MARPOL, Spanish Consolidated edition 2002

·         I525E: MARPOL Amendments 2005

·         I525F: MARPOL Amendments 2005, French Edition

·         I525S: MARPOL Amendments 2005, Spanish Edition

·         I946E: Guide to Cold Water Survival, 1992 Edition

·         I956F: SAR Convention, 1979 French Edition

·         I958S: SAR Convention, 1979 Spanish Edition

·         IA981E: LSA Symbols Poster, 1995 Edition

·         DD110E: SOLAS on CD-ROM (Version 4.1)

·         DD110F: SOLAS on CD-ROM (Version 4.1), French

·         DD110S: SOLAS on CD-ROM (Version 4.1), Spanish

·         DB520M1: MARPOL on CD-ROM (V 2.1), Multilingual 

Contact: Howard Snaith  or   Fredrik Larsson