Paris MoU training and inspection campaigns

The Paris Memorandum of Understanding on Port State Control (MoU) has issued a press release this week which includes several issues that are of particular interest to members:


Global Harmonised standards

INTERTANKO is particularly pleased to note the statement made by Richard Schiferli, the General Secretary of the MoU: “I am particularly pleased with the decision to provide all MoUs which hold observer status with the distance learning package for PSCOs and access to the expert training programme. A major step forward towards global harmonization.” Global harmonisation of PSC standards has been a major objective of INTERTANKO. Click here to view INTERTANKO’s goals and objectives regarding PSC.


Concentrated Inspection Campaigns


Safety of Navigation

Members are strongly urged to take note that the Paris MoU (jointly with the Tokyo MoU) will be undertaking a Concentrated Inspection Campaigns (CICs) on the Safety of Navigation from September to November 2008.



Members are also urged to note that during 2009 a CIC on lifeboat launching arrangements will be carried out.



The Paris MoU Committee has adopted the 2007 Annual Report including the new Black, Grey and White List and a performance list of Recognised Organisations. Both lists will be used for targeting purposes starting 1 July 2008. The Annual Report is due to be published by the end of July 2008.


Click here for the full press release.


Contact: Howard Snaith or Fredrik Larsson