Pilot project on ship equipment database (downloadable version)

Further to our article in Weekly NEWS No. 3/2007 of 19 January 2007, the pilot project for the ship equipment database is in progress.  Members who wish to test this central document repository for ship equipment are invited to download the client version.

After downloading the software, you will need to call Daniel Gsponer at MESPAS (tel no: +41 44 271 0329; e-mail: daniel.gsponer@mespas.com).  He will give you a username and password, as well as a quick demo of the system. 

The next steps for  pilot project members are:


  1. Ensure that client version is up and running from your end.
  2. Upload your existing ship equipment manuals – please note that for the purpose of this pilot project, you are requested to limit it to marine pollution equipment.
  3. Jointly with MESPAS, we will then work out how best to share the documents within the INTERTANKO membership.  

 Please remember that this is a pilot project and any feedback is welcome.


Contact:  Minerva R. Alfonso