Rescue boat accident due to failed limit switch

The Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) has just released a report of a dreadful accident involving a rescue boat on a car carrier (see also article re Industry Lifeboat Group). The vessel is a car carrier, but many tankers have similar arrangements.

Very simply, a crew member was killed because a rescue boat hoist limit switch failed and the torque of the hoist motor was high enough to break the wire fall. The report is well worth studying. It is unfortunately not that uncommon to find limit switch problems and motors that are powerful enough to part the wire.

To view the report on the investigation of the fatality of a rescue boat crewman on board Tombarra at Berth 3, Royal Portbury Docks, 7 February 2011 click here

A safety flyer has also been issued to alert seafarers. To view click here

INTERTANKO can recommend the MAIB website as a particularly good site for learning from incidents.

Contact: John Boreman