Revised MEPC 2 Circ 12 now available!

Further to earlier advice in our Weekly NEWS and recent chemical booklet 'A Practical Guide to the Revisions to MARPOL Annex II' (click here to view and/or download free), the IMO advised during MSC 82 that the revised MEPC 2 Circ 12 is now available - in advance of the earlier reported date of 31 December 2006.


NOTE: Although this circular is valid after 31 December 2006, it is being issued on 1 December 2006 to provide information to Administrations for action as appropriate.


·          MEPC 2 Circ 12 shows the new pollution categories and carriage requirements for numerous substances under the revised MARPOL Annex II.


·          MEPC 55/23/Add.1 (circulated in previous Weekly NEWS issues) replaces Chapters 17, 18 and 19 of the revised IBC Code which will become effective 1/1/2007


The following is a summary of the information contained in the Annexes of MEPC 2 Circ 12:


Annex 1: List 1: Pure or technically pure products;


Annex 2: List 2: Pollutant only mixtures containing at least 99% by weight of components already assessed by IMO;


Annex 3: List 3: (Trade-named) mixtures containing at least 99% by weight of components already assessed by IMO, presenting safety hazards;


Annex 4: List 4: Pollutant only mixtures containing one or more components, forming more than 1% by weight of the mixture, which have not yet been assessed

by IMO;


Annex 5: List 5: Substances not shipped in pure form but as components in mixtures;


Annex 6: Synonyms for vegetable oils;


Annex 7: Country abbreviations


Annex 8: Tripartite contact addresses;


Annex 9: Manufacturers authorised to conduct pollutant-only assessments by calculation


Annex 10: Cleaning additives.


Contact: Howard Snaith