Yemen - Notices to Mariners on Fish Aggregating Devices

The Maritime Affairs Authority (MAA) in Yemen has recently issued two Notices to Mariners regarding three Fish Aggregating Devices which have been laid in the following positions:

13˚ 49.520 N  048˚ 04.100 E

13˚ 56.150 N  048˚ 00.025 E

13˚ 00.860 N  048˚ 06.200 E


The devices are anchored to the seabed, attached by a mooring line to a red spherical surface buoy. Each buoy is fitted with a mast, a flashing light with a 2-mile range, and a radar reflector. Each device has a floating surface, 5 metres long and 2 metres wide attached to the buoy. Ships are requested to keep well clear.


Source: Yemen Maritime Affairs Authority & Middle East Shipping Company Ltd. 

Contact: Fredrik Larsson