Yemen – Measures to control oil pollution and protect the marine environment

For the purpose of protecting Yemen’s marine environment, the Maritime Affairs Authority (MAA) in Yemen is applying measures to monitor ships' compliance with the law of Marine Environment Protection – No. 16, starting from 15 July 2007.


These measures include:


Inspection of ships which call at ports in Yemeni ports and terminals by MAA inspectors, who will verify that Oil Record books and the Oil Residue Receipts issued by the last terminal are in compliance, and compare the figures with the contents of the ships' sloptanks, to ensure the ship has not discharged any waste oil in Yemen's Territorial Water, Economic Zone, Continental Shelf or its Exclusive Zone.


MAA will apply strict measures in accordance with the law against any violators.


Source: Yemen Maritime Affairs Authority & Middle East Shipping Company Ltd. 

Contact: Fredrik Larsson