Clarifications regarding EIAPP Certification for ships' engines

Det Norske Veritas' Office in Korea has issued a Bulletin addressing certain misunderstandings related to the engines that need Engine International Air Pollution Prevention (EIAPP) Certificates according to MARPOL Annex VI. DNV's advice and clarifications are given after consultation with several Flag Administrations.


These misunderstandings mainly relate to the possible exemptions for certain engines. The DNV Bulletin clarifies that the only exemptions given in the requirements are for emergency diesel engines, engines installed in life boats and any device or equipment intended to be used solely in case of emergency. This means that engines (above 130 kW, as described in Reg 13 of MARPOL, Annex VI) that are not used solely in case of emergency, i.e. emergency generators used in port, should hold EIAPP Certificates


The Bulletin also highlights that the MARPOL requirements in many cases will be applicable to engines where no Class involvement is required (only statutory). 


Contact: Dragos Rauta