Distillate solution well received at European Transport Workers' Federation workshop

INTERTANKO was described as a "progressive association" after Kristian R. Fuglesang had presented the Association's distillate solution at a workshop on "Trade Union vision on sustainable transport" organised this week in Brussels by the European Transport Workers' Federation.


Although shipping is a very environmentally-friendly means of transport, responsible ship owners fully appreciate that more needs to be done to reduce the air emissions from ships. For this purpose, INTERTANKO has introduced in the IMO the suggestion that all ships should, in the future, only burn distillate fuels. Fuglesang presented both the proposal and the many advantages it contains for the reduction of pollutants and greenhouse gases as well as for operation and safety. He stressed that it was better to deal with the cause of a problem than to concentrate on the effects. Although the proposal would lead to increased costs for ship owners, "responsible ship owners know that they have a duty to take initiatives" Fuglesang said. His presentation (click here to view) was very well received by the trade unionists, who perceived the advantages for the environment and for the safety of ships.


Fuglesang also took the opportunity in the question and answer session to briefly inform the audience about INTERTANKO's policies on ship recycling, places of refuge, reception facilities, cadet berths, ballast water exchange, image and the need for the international regulation of shipping.


Contact: Kristian R. Fuglesang