EMSA Panel on double hull tankers concludes its activities

Established in April 2004, the European Maritime Safety Agency's (EMSA's) Panel on double hull tankers issued In June 2005 a Report containing eight recommendations with measures to further improve the safety aspects of double hull tankers. Since then the Panel has had a few more meetings to discuss and monitor the follow-up activities from these recommendations.


The Panel held its last meeting on 12 December for a final review of its activities and concluded that the scope of its work had been achieved and that the follow-up actions were now in the final stages of development. Therefore, all participants agreed that the Panel should conclude its activities.


The stage of development of some of the recommendations are as follows:


  1. Mandatory performance standards for ballast tanks coating systems in new vessels (recommendation 1) - IMO has adopted such a standard.
  2. Mandatory coating of bottom and under deck structure of the cargo tanks of the oil tanker and a mandatory performance standard for cargo tank coating systems in new oil tankers (recommendations 2 & 3) – the IMO has agreed to add to its work agenda this activity and an industry Joint Working Group will conclude shortly on the performance standard to be submitted to the IMO.
  3. Mandatory requirement for a Fixed Hydrocarbon Gas Detection Systems in spaces adjacent to cargo oil tanks (recommendation 8) – the IMO agreed to add this issue to its working agenda on oil tankers - MSC 82/21/12.
  4. Future status of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) Guidelines for coating maintenance and repairs for ballast tanks and combined cargo/ballast tanks on oil tankers (recommendation 4) - IACS will review its Guidelines in order to align them with the new adopted IMO Standard for coating ballast tanks.
  5. TSCF (Tanker Structure Cooperative Forum) Maintenance Manual (recommendation 5) – TSCF, together with INTERTANKO, is finalising the Manual, which is expected to be published during the first half of 2007. 

Contact: Dragos Rauta