MSC 84 - Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) issue in IMO continues

An initiative taken back in 2002 by some flag states and industry (the Oil Companies' International Marine Forum (OCIMF) and INTERTANKO) triggered action in the IMO to define a standard format for Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) to be delivered to ships carrying MARPOL Annex I cargoes and to all ships when taking bunker supply.


It was suggested that the initial recommendation for such a standard MSDS, adopted as Resolution MSC 150 (77), should be made mandatory through amendments to the SOLAS Convention. These amendments were finally adopted at MSC 83 in December 2007 and enforcement is due on 1 July 2009.


However, as the adopted amendment created some confusion, MSC 84 had to consider the need for further clarification. It decided to follow the suggestion made by INTERTANKO, namely to submit a revised text to MSC 85 (December 2008) with a view to it being adopted as an amendment at MSC 86 in 2009. This will delay the process of mandatory application but, as INTERTANKO also suggested, MSC 85 could issue a resolution suggesting Governments apply the rule in accordance with its corrected version.


Contact: Dragos Rauta