Philippines single hull ban from end April?

We understand  that as from 30 April 2008, the Philippines will deny entry into its ports of  single hull tankers carrying crude oil and fuel oils. The Maritime Industry Authority (Marina) is said, according to media reports, to have issued a circular announcing such a ban derived from a presidential directive. We have no more details  right now, other than media reports.


We have checked the  Marine website and the IMO web site  and found no official record of this ban nor any official record that the Government of Philippines  has informed the IMO about this decision. The Philippines is a party to Annex I and is thus entitled to make decisions as a Port State, but it also has an obligation officially to inform the IMO of such a decision. 


We are checking in the Philippines and at the IMO and will report further next week.

In the meantime we suggest that members perform their own checks and verifications when looking to trade to the Philippines.


Contact: Dragos Rauta