Results of review of MARPOL discrepancies identified by Port State Control

The IMO Flag State Implementation (FSI) Sub-committee has considered statistics gleaned from records provided by 34 Port States of discrepancies related to MARPOL regulations for the ships they inspected during 2006. The document recognises that the number of reports is low. A brief statistical summary follows:


-          51,589 ships boarded in 2006
- 1,053 (2.04%) were detained

- a total number of 7,025 discrepancies to MARPOL were noted, out of which:

- 822 (11.7%) related to IOPP Certification

- 3,059 (43.5%) related to Oil record Book and

- 3,144 (44.8%) related to lacking of malfunctioning MARPOL equipment


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Contact: Dragos Rauta