LR - heightened attention on common port state control deficiencies

Owners and managers of Lloyd’s Register classed vessels may note the following as published in Lloyd’s Register’s Classification News, issue 25/2012 of 14 September.

''Lloyd’s Register is fully committed to maintaining the quality of its classed fleet and its surveyors are aware of the most common deficiencies which may result in ships being detained by port state control authorities. However, deficiencies noted by Port State Control Officers (PSCOs) when a ship is not detained are not necessarily advised to the classification society.

For several years, Lloyd’s Register surveyors attending on board Lloyd’s Register classed ships have placed heightened attention on the most common deficiencies identified by PSCOs. This has helped many ships to be better prepared for inspections by port state control, resulting in a reduction in detentions. In light of this, we have decided to continue this heightened attention survey initiative for a further year.

The initiative will be applicable to all ships over five years old. Surveyors will place heightened attention on the following items to confirm they are being maintained and remain in an effective condition:

  • ventilation, fire-dampers, quick-closing devices and their means of control
  • lifeboats and launching appliances
  • emergency fire pump
  • oil filtering equipment
  • ventilators and air pipes
  • fire detection, fire fighting equipment and appliances
  • weather decks, hatch covers and closing appliances
  • nautical publications and charts, as well as ECDIS if applicable
  • cleanliness of the engine room
  • cleanliness of accommodation/galley.

They will also check deficiencies identified from the previous six months’ PSC reports of inspections held on board.

Ensuring the above items are suitably maintained and remain in a fit and effective condition reduces the potential for a ship being detained by port state control authorities. In addition, it is imperative that ships are properly prepared for survey to avoid delays in carrying out examinations.

Heightened surveys will only be carried out whenever surveyors attend the ship for any survey requested between the Annual Classification Surveys. There will be a maximum of two heightened surveys carried out between the Annual Classification Surveys and these will be held at intervals of at least three months apart.

ILO MLC 2006

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) Maritime Labour Convention (MLC, 2006) will come into force in August 2013 and PSC authorities are already focusing on ILO issues. Therefore, the heightened attention survey initiative will also focus on MLC, 2006-related aspects. If our surveyors identify potential deficiencies they will advise the Master accordingly.''

Contact: John Boreman