REPSOL - New Vetting Rules and Procedures 2007

REPSOL has advised us that it has revised its document "REPSOL YPF Vetting Rules & Procedures", which contains the vetting requirements for REPSOL. This revised document dated January 2007 may be accessed here.


All aspects of the document should be carefully reviewed by members but particular attention is drawn to section 1.14 'Inert gas and vapour return systems' which states:


"All chemical and product vessels carrying products with low flash point (below 60º C) must be fitted with appropriate and operative vapour return and inert gas (IG, IGG, N2) systems. In case a vessel did not fulfil with the last paragraph the vessel could however be accepted provided owner presents a written commitment for installing them during next special intermediate survey or on December 31st., 2008, whichever occurs first. It is strongly recommended that an appropriate Inert Gas System be fitted and operated on board all tankers carrying products with high flash point."


We extend our thanks to REPSOL for allowing us to circulate this document to our members.


Contact: Howard Snaith