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Thursday, September 20, 2018

INTERTANKO visit to Brussels

Members of INTERTANKO’s staff visited two members of the European Parliament’s Green Party group early December.

Mr. Theo Bouwman MEP is the Raporteur for the draft port reception directive in the European Parliament.  The INTERTANKO delegation underlined the need for proper implementation of the IMO Marpol rules on port reception facilities for ship generated waste and cargo residues, and the need to ensure that the fee system should provide the best disincentive for discharge of waste at sea.

The INTERTANKO delegation met with the European Parliament’s Rapporteur on the draft proposal for a European Community framework for co-operation in the field of accidental marine pollution, Ms. Patricia Mc Kenna MEP.  INTERTANKO supported this initiative, underlining the need for thorough, international co-operation in order to reduce harmful effects from accidental pollution at sea to a minimum.  The delegation also emphasised that the existing international Conventions for compensation to victims of oil pollution damage needed to be taken into account.

The delegation also had a meeting with a representative of the European Commission’s Transport Directorate regarding the EU’s Quality Shipping Campaign.  One of the most immediate results of this Campaign will be the European Quality Shipping Information System (EQUASIS).  Whilst supporting transparency in general, INTERTANKO pointed out that the system can only become a prominent vehicle for increased quality in shipping if and when the name of charterers of substandard vessels appear in the database along side data on vessel deficiencies. The Commission took keen interest in the idea, but also pointed out that for the time being such information is not available through the Port State Control (PSC) data. An amendment to existing PSC regimes would therefore be necessary.

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