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Monday, September 24, 2018


As advised in INTERTANKO’s General Circulars for November and December 1999, INTERTANKO has urged the Worldscale Associations to consider ways of reducing the anomalies caused by the current system of reflecting bunker prices in the Worldscale Schedule.

.  The Worldscale Associations are studying these and have announced that they will produce a paper (which will be circulated in due course) outlining the Associations’ position and action, but have at the same time indicated that they “are not hopeful that a solution universally acceptable to all Worldscale users can be found”.

The Worldscale Associations express their extreme disappointment at the tone of some of the comments made, and feel that there exists a real misconception and misrepresentation of the role of the London and New York Worldscale Associations.  They decline an invitation to address the Asian Regional Panel in Tokyo (March) and the AGM in Monte Carlo (April). INTERTANKO’s Executive Committee at its meeting this week invited the Worldscale Associations to reconsider this.

On a more positive note, the Worldscale Associations follow up INTERTANKO’s points about their time allowances for additional ports and the effect of daylight berthing restrictions.  We would be grateful if members would provide us with further examples of instances of such restrictions and details regarding the effect of the additional 12 hours allowance for third and subsequent ports.  For further information regarding the letter of the Worldscale Associations please contact