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Tuesday, October 16, 2018


This is a vital gathering of those in the best position to deal effectively with managing US ports in the 21st Century.

The US has 47000 miles of coastline, lakes and rivers, nearly twice the circumference of the earth. About 2.3 billion tons of commodities, over 14 million containers and 90 million passengers move annually through its deep sea and river ports. Perhaps the biggest failing in waterway safety in many US ports is the lack of more active waterway management systems in many of its harbours. Both the Coast Guard and many in industry have become strong advocates of local Harbor Safety Committees, a technique already being successfully employed in a number of ports.

Last year four challenges were issued to the Conference by RADM Robert C. North, USCG, Assistant Commandant, Marine Safety and Environment Protection:

-  Determine the principal HSC attributes* - Propose optimal means of communication between HSCs and the national level* -Develop an inter-HSC information sharing system* - Determine how best the Marine Transportation System federal agencies can assist HSCs.

The Conference will investigate a variety of important issues in detail, make action recommendations, compare strategies and provide guidance to present and future Harbor Safety Committees.

INTERTANKO’s former Chairman, Richard T. du Moulin and Chairman of the North American Panel, will be one of the speakers. INTERTANKO in cooperation with Bill Gray has worked with the Coast Guard and others to provide input to the Conference.

Questions regarding the Conference may be directed to Bill Gray at