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Thursday, September 20, 2018


Further to our article in Weekly NEWS 10/2000; “Irregularities in the Novorossiysk pilotage service”, INTERTANKO has received disturbing reports on this issue from various sources.

Since the newly established pilot arrangement commenced at the beginning of March seven accidents have occurred. It is claimed that three of these resulted in substantial damages. So far one tanker has been involved. Details of the accidents were not reported.

INTERTANKO has addressed the higher authorities in Moscow, including the port authorities in Novorossiysk, on this serious situation for vessels calling at Novorossiysk. So far no response has been received.

Until further clarification is received and/or the situation is confirmed stabilised, INTERTANKO suggests that our members should seriously evaluate the situation and even consider whether or not to fix their vessel for Novorossiysk. Information or questions: