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Monday, June 25, 2018


9 April 2000, EXPRESS (Greek) ‘US Court rewards INTERTANKO’

10 April 2000, Lloyd’s List, Special Report on INTERTANKO

10 April 2000, Lloyd’s List, ‘INTERTANKO-Le silence éternal..

10 April 2000, Lloyd’s List ‘INTERTANKO-A combination of factors leads to corrosion

11 April 2000, SeaTrends Web, ’Intertanko to debate Erika sinking

11 April 2000, Aftenposten ’INTERTANKO-Frykter skjerpede EU-krav i tank’

11 April 2000, Aftenposten ’INTERTANKO-Tankrederne til angrep på klasseselskaper

11 April 2000, Lloyd’s List, INTERTANKO’s Shuttle Tanker Committee: Shuttle tanker sector looks to bright future

12 April 2000, Lloyd’s List ’NTERTANKO: Will anything positive come out of this mess?’

12 April 2000, Aftenposten ’Til krig mot gamle skip’

13 April 2000, Aftenposten, ’Nå skal tankrederne tjene penger’

13 April, Lloyd’s List ‘INTERTANKO-Class 'has lost public confidence'

13 April 2000, Lloyd’s List ‘Thouilin says Erika spill fallout will outstrip all but Exxon Valdez’

FI:LL-13/4-INTERTANKO-Oil majors move on ship approval

14 April 2000, Lloyd’s List ‘INTERTANKO-Expulsion call over detentions’