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Saturday, October 20, 2018


INTERTANKO attended the MUNSUM meeting at the IMO over the weekend.

With representatives from all over Europe and from the US, the gathering allowed the representation of over 100 states. The importance of the meeting was outlined by a presentation to the delegates by Kofi Annan and also a representational presentation by Tony Blair. However, the highlight for the young (17-19 year olds) delegates was the presentation given by “Ginger Spice”, Geri Halliwell. Essentially, the messages were in unison, stating the importance of the youth involvement in the UN and also the importance of the Declaration on Human Rights. The latter draft was the focus for the delegates over the course of the weekend.

After the initial presentations, and the interruption from the odd protester, the delegates were separated into their working groups (dependant upon continents) to amend the draft declaration, the final copy of which will be submitted to the UN Summit in New York in September. Mr. Tim Wilkins, who represented INTERTANKO in this meeting acting as a resource and advisor on international environmental legislation, had the opportunity to meet many delegates who participate in the working groups and it was evident that the delegates involved were extremely bright and understood the system of the UN better than a number of delegates at the IMO! The day’s drafting culminated in a reception sponsored by Reuters and the delegates producing a press release stating their concern over having to represent nations as opposed to youth in general.

The coverage of the event was widespread in the national press, with all the major Sunday papers and TV channels covering the event (e.g. ITN, BBC, Sky, the Times, the Observer, the Guardian etc.). Although not directly a maritime related event, the delegates and also a number of other UN advisors present were interested in the work of INTERTANKO. Furthermore, it was rewarding to pass on the knowledge gained in the IMO and that of the environmental issues with respect to legislation and UN political situations. 

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