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Saturday, October 20, 2018


On 1 November 1999 Dr. Tim Gunner was retained by INTERTANKO as a Technical Consultant with the aim of fulfilling additional functions to assist the INTERTANKO Organisation and Secretariat. These functions include: The supply of advice and operational support to members relating to the nature, type and transportational behaviour or problems for the diverse Annex 1 type cargoes.

This service has access to, amongst numerous other data sources, the resource of the total CRUCOGSA research data and database for supplying advice on the physical behaviour of diverse crude oils during shipment and discharge (COW and pumping problems). The types of enquiries so far received relate to: 

(i)                 problems concerning the identification of certain cargoes given the local product identification.

(ii)               suggested transportation criteria – temperature requirements for the cargo to avoid discharge difficulties

(iii)              COWing requirements and regulations for SBT vessels

(iv)             Pumping performance calculations

(v)              Crude oil type/quality identification for transportation behaviour

(vi)             Corrosion problems from crude oil vapour and other gases

(vii)           Oil pollution fingerprinting and source identification

(viii)          Advice relating to bunker quality problems