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Wednesday, October 17, 2018


INTERTANKO has, as you know, phased out the monthly printed circulars and introduced the Weekly NEWS electronic format as the primary tool for communicating with membership.

Over the years much of our interchange with the membership on chartering matters had its basis in the monthly Tanker Charter Party Circular and as this circular is also replaced by Weekly NEWS, we look forward to continuing the exchange in the electronic format. Articles published in the Weekly NEWS are posted on INTERTANKO’s website so the Tanker Charter Party Circular’s function as a source of reference will be maintained.

  • The Weekly NEWS enables us to immediately report developments in tanker chartering and documentation to members and associate members and provide the tool for increased interchange between INTERTANKO and its membership on chartering matters. In this regard, there are a couple of things we would kindly request you to do:
  • Ensure that your chartering personnel is on the circulation list for the weekly circular by sending their e-mail addresses to
  • Report developments with regard to new chartering provisions and practices to INTERTANKO. Let us hear about new clauses and practices, tell us about companies that are seriously defaulting on honouring their obligations according to the charter party terms. Continue to send us questions relating to the interpretation of charter forms and clauses and let us know of new arbitration awards and court decisions affecting tanker chartering. Your contact will be
  • Finally you need to tell us where to focus our efforts. What would you like to read in the Chartering and Documentation part of the Weekly NEWS?  Please contact John Fawcett-Ellis or contact and let us know what would be the most  interesting topics to have covered.