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Thursday, September 20, 2018


Our attention has been drawn once again to the difficulties that owners often encounter when discharging cargoes of vegoils at Chittagong and claims for alleged short delivery.

Vessels are facing claims even when the quantity discharged matches the bill of lading figures and the vessel’s tanks are dry upon completion of discharge. Claims are often notified to owners even before the vessel has completed discharge and threats are made to arrest the vessel unless a P&I Club letter of guarantee is given. In effect owners are being held to ransom by the local authorities. Consequently owners’ claims records are prejudiced. Whilst it is possible for owners to include an indemnity provision in the charterparty so that charterers bear any loss due to this practice, this will not alleviate the practical difficulties and delay that owners will still face at the port.

In order to bring to an end this malpractice a concerted effort is required amongst shipowners and their P&I insurers to ensure that such claims are contested. We call on our members to contact us and provide details of these types of claims that they have been faced with. Please send an e-mail to