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Friday, October 19, 2018


The “work-to-rule”-strike by the Argentine Crewmembers Tugboat Union (ACTU) came to a preliminary halt on 23 August 2000 pending further ruling by the Argentinean Government.

Further to our article in Weekly NEWS 34/2000, ACTU called-out a  “work-to-rule”-strike on 4 July 2000, but this was temporarily halted on 23 August 2000 pending further ruling by the Argentine Government.  During the strike period the ACTU was permitted to work according to the limited working schedule previously listed.

In addition to the work periods mentioned in the previous article, no overtime work was carried out on weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays or holidays during the ‘work to rule’.

If the dispute has not been solved by 13 September 2000, the ACTU will return to the previously mentioned working schedule (work-to-rule).
The ACTU is endeavouring to have the tugboats re-flagged from flag of convenience (FOC) to the Argentinean flag.  Obviously crew members have major benefits from working on an Argentinean tug compared to one under an FOC.

INTERTANKO will keep its membership advised regarding further developments through our Weekly NEWS.

Source:  Agencia Maritima Silversea S.A., Buenos Aires