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Monday, September 24, 2018


40 ships (some 10% of which were tankers) have been expelled by Lloyd’s Register as part of a get-tough, post-Erika policy. It is anticipated that a further 100 will be ejected by spring next year. The vessels cover a wide range of categories with the exception of passenger carriers. As well as the ships being surveyed, the whole operation system applied to the ships was looked at. David Moorhouse, the new chairman of LR, claimed that some masters had deliberately hidden faults, covering cracks with mastic and welding decks to prevent defective areas being spotted.  Speaking at the annual meeting of the Bahamas Shipowners Association, Mr Moorhouse said that classification societies wanted to participate in the debate on whether regulatory changes were needed. He warned that more rules would not necessarily mean safer ships. It was first necessary to understand whether current rules were being implemented. An EU plan due to come into force in early 2001 will monitor the performance of classification societies more closely, imposing sanctions on any considered to be lax.