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Saturday, October 20, 2018


More product northbound through the Suez Canal

The projection for the Suez Canal transits northbound of tankers below 50,000 dwt is the highest since 1990 based on information from the Suez Canal Authority for the first nine months of the year. In September, 73 such tankers transited the Canal and the projection for the year is some 880 transits. Transits of other tankers sizes have also increased this year and 62 part-laden U/VLCCs have transited the canal northbound January to September.  We also see that the number of VLCCs ballasting southbound over the last five months has doubled to some 24 transits per month compared to the first four months of the year. For developments since 1993, please see

All time high 3rd quarter U.S. crude oil imports

According to the American Petroleum Institute’s September Monthly Statistical Report, 3rd quarter, U.S. crude oil imports reached an all time high at 9.24 mbd up 3.3% from the same period in 1999. On a monthly basis September crude oil imports were 9.14 mbd, down 1.4% from August. Oil products imports in September were 2.15 mbd, up 5.4% from August. On a year-to-date basis, total oil imports remained flat. Total oil imports in the period January to September were 10.96 mbd, down 0.9% from the same period in 1999, crude oil unchanged, products down 4.4%. A table and graph showing this development can be downloaded as a spreadsheet on the INTERTANKO tanker market pages in the members’ area:

Middle East VLCC fixtures already passed last years level

The number of U/VLCC fixtures PG/Red Sea  with Laycan November has, according to Marinav Geneva, reached 115, the highest level in the last five years.  The total number of fixtures this year has already surpassed last year’s level by 3% and the projection for the whole year will be at least a 10% increase. You will find fixtures by charterers and statistics on