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Wednesday, October 17, 2018


The Expanded Working Group on the Condition Assessment Scheme met again on 5 December in London. The meeting agreed on a text for a draft submission to the inter-sessional meeting of the IMO Group on CAS, the draft CAS Guidelines and a draft text for an MEPC Resolution to adopt CAS in April 2001.

The text, as discussed and agreed, will be redrafted by the Danish Maritime Adminstration within the few next days and then made available to members.

Some important elements have still to be considered. INTERTANKO has made a number of suggestions to the initial draft and some of these have been included in the final text. Some other suggestions are still under discussion and most probably need to be submitted by INTERTANKO itself to the inter-sessional Meeting of the IMO Group on CAS (in late January 2001).

One issue which needs to be mentioned is that Category 3 tankers (small tankers) will not be included in the CAS draft. Apparently, MEPC 45 did not request CAS for small tankers and, since there is no unanimity of view on this, the MEPC 46 will receive a report that the issue was discussed and only MEPC 46 will be able to decide whether to include small tankers or not under CAS.

As far as the INTERTANKO suggestions are concerned, they are related to different aspects of the CAS Guidelines, such as: the time frame for owner’s notification and submissions of the necessary documents, standard structure and standard content for the Survey Planning Questionnaire and the Survey Planning document, elements of self-control and means of verification for the CAS (surveyor training, performance and reporting system), traceability of decisions for corrective actions if needed, etc. Unfortunately some of these elements providing veracity to the CAS system have not yet been accepted and need to be revisited.