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Saturday, September 22, 2018


Egypt/Suez Canal – transit dues for 2001

The Suez Canal Authority announced that transit dues for the year 2001 is to  remain unchanged, and that circular No. 4/1999 shall remain in force.

Source: Worms Services Maritimes, Paris International Shipping Enterprise (S.A.E.), Port Said Gulf Agency Company Ltd.’ Amaroussion

Mexico/Dos Bocas – port fees increased

As from 17 December 2000 the port fees have been increased and the following tariff will apply:

1/ Over   10,000 GT – MXP 15,359.24 fixed fee plus MXP 4.12/GT.

2/ Under 10,000 GT – not approved yet, but when approved will be retrospective as from 17 December 2000.

Source: Canega Shipping Services, Houston

Tanzania - TCBF fee

We have been informed that since 1 July 2000 the Tanzania Central Freight Board (TCFB) has levied a fee in respect of cargoes loaded from or landed at Tanzanian ports, and that petroleum shipments are included.  The tariff is structured according to the origin of the cargo in question and ranges from USD 0.25 to USD 0.30 per tonne of cargo. Whereas the fee is “placed by law on the shipowner”, Worldscale has found that this charge will have to be “for Charterers Account” because the costs vary by route.  This cost item will therefore not be correctly compensated through one “Fixed differential”.

Source: Worldscale Association (London) Limited, London

UK/Scapa Flow – harbour charges 2001 for Flotta Terminal

The Harbour Authority for Scapa Flow has decided to maintain harbour tariffs at the present levels up to 31 March 2002, following which they will be reviewed.

Source: John Jolly, Kirkwall