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Saturday, September 22, 2018


Qatar General Petroleum Company – issues early departure procedure for Halul port

Qatar General Petroleum Company (“QGPC”) has issued an early departure procedure (“EDP”), effective 1 January 2001, for the port of Halul. We have been advised that QGPC have arranged that senior terminal supervisors will act as the tanker’s agent in the matter of signing the bills of lading. The EDP consists of the following steps:

  • All tankers calling at Halul should be prepared to follow the EDP;
  • On vessel’s arrival master to sign a document authorising QGPC senior terminal supervisor, acting as a tanker agent, to sign various shipping documents including the bill of lading on master’s behalf;
  • Vessel will clear the berth immediately after the loading is completed and shore/ship figures are compared;
  • Loading figures will be passed to the vessel master by radio and telex to confirm the bill of lading figures that were passed prior to sailing.

INTERTANKO in its publication “Tanker Chartering Clauses”, published in 1995, set out some general guidance on EDP. It is preferable that the agents fax/telex the master with a copy of the bill of lading prior to signing, which includes all the details such as quantity/quality of cargo so that the master has the opportunity to approve this. It is preferable if an EDP is only used in situations where a delay of significant length is threatened or when otherwise instructed by owners. The instructions to the agents should include owners’ standard bill of lading instructions, covering such matters as the incorporation of the charterparty terms, that freight is payable as per charterparty (unless otherwise expressly authorised by owners) and that the cargo is not stipulated to be “clean on board”  but rather “in apparent good order and condition”.

Members may seek advice on this matter from their P&I provider or alternatively, to discuss this matter further they may contact Mr. John Fawcett-Ellis