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Sunday, October 21, 2018


India/ Hazira – revised tariff

The SPM charges have been revised as from 01 January 2001.

  1. Pilotage Fee for inward and outward – INR 8.00/GT.
  2. Tug service for berthing/unberthing is included in pilotage fee at S No. 1.
  3. Berth Hire charge – INR 0.95/GT per day or part thereof.
  4. Mooring/unmooring charge – INR 0.90/GT.
  5. Pull back tug charge – INR 90,000.00/8 hours shift or part thereof.

 Norway/Kaarstoe – increased tariff

As from 1 January 2001 a tariff increase has been implemented.

  1. PILOTAGE FEE is increased by 3%.
  2. HARBOUR DUES (public) have increased just marginally.
  3. KAARSTOE HARBOUR DUES (tugs, mooring/unmooring) have increased by 80%.

The massive increase is said to be caused by increased costs in running the harbour due to one more jetty having been commissioned, one more (escort) tug having been added, etc.

INTERTANKO has advised the Worldscale Association (WS), approached the port authority strongly questioning the lack of pre-warning and requested  a postponement at least until 01 March 2001.  A local meeting between the concerned parties is scheduled for 15 January 2001 to discuss the new charge.  The result may be that it is adjusted or reduced to soften the impact.

Provided the new rate level is maintained, this will result in a substantial increase to the Kaarstoe flat rate, i.e. + 26 cents, according to WS.

INTERTANKO will keep its membership advised regarding any results from the meeting.

Source:  Seabulk A/S, Oslo

Russia/Novorossiysk – drastic towage charge increase

We have received a very disturbing report on towage increases in Novorossiysk from several members.  The new tariff is implemented as from December 2000.  No pre-warning has been given, and it is possible that this is not in line with the national Anti-Monopoly Committee’s guidelines   INTERTANKO is awaiting further reports from Novorossiysk.

1 "Good weather"-tariff:


(Monday-Friday)   0600-2200: Tariff

2200-0600: Tariff + 25%

(Sat/Sun/Holiday) 0600-2200: Tariff + 50%

2200-0600: Tariff + 75%

2 When a gale warning is broadcast:


(Monday-Friday)   0600-2200: Tariff + 100%

2200-0600: Tariff + 150%

(Sat/Sun/Holiday) 0600-2200: Tariff + 125%

2200-0600: Tariff + 175%

The weather broadcast is only valid for 32 hours.  An average of 70 weather-stoppages due to rough weather is experienced at Novorossiysk.  Hence, in the worst case a vessel may arrive during a surcharge period, have to shift to anchorage for the same reason, and finally sail during a third surcharge period.  The weather surcharge can be activated by the tug operator when a gale warning has been broadcast regardless of the real weather conditions in the port.  Hence, the owners are left completely without any control over final d/a, and may face a considerable loss.

INTERTANKO has informed the Worldscale Association, who advise that they cannot allow for such a circumstantial surcharge, but will monitor the situation.

INTERTANKO recommends that any voyage calculation covering Novorossiysk should be based on a worst-case scenario.  Alternatively, during negotiations the owner should endeavour to include a clause in the c/p so as to cover any liability for a high surcharge due to bad weather.